The Center for Interdisciplinary Computation (CISC)  is devoted to the development and use of computational methods for scientific discovery in all branches of the sciences.  

It draws from ideas in computer science, life sciences, physical sciences, and mathematics.

The Center for Interdisciplinary Scientific Computation (CISC) promotes transformative, research and education through

    • Fostering interdisciplinary collaboration across academic units in scientific computation,
    • Strengthening external research funding,
    • Expanding the scientific computation community through education, training and support for students, creating and sustaining a diverse and inclusive environment,
    • Partnering in mutually beneficial ways with external organizations, and
    • Enhancing the university computing research infrastructure.

After extensive planning and strategic faculty hiring, the Center was approved by Illinois Tech in May 2017.

Former Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Scientific Computation (CISC)

Fred J. Hickernell is the former Director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Scientific Computation (CISC) and Professor of Applied Mathematics. His research focuses on increasing the efficiency of computer simulations and determining when to stop simulations and be confident that the answers meet user-prescribed error requirements. A major area of interest is Monte Carlo methods, where the average or extreme behaviors of complex situations are determined by the outcomes of a large number of computer-generated scenarios. Financial risk, logistics, and high energy physics are three areas where Monte Carlo methods are prominent.

Hickernell’s research has been funded by the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy. He and his research group have collaborated with scientists worldwide as well as with local industry. Hickernell is a Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics. In 2016 he received the Joseph F. Traub Prize for Achievement in Information-Based Complexity. He has served on the editorial boards of the Journal of Complexity, Mathematics of Computation, and the SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis.

Associate Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Scientific Computation (CISC)

David Minh is the Associate Director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Scientific Computation (CISC) and an Assistant Professor of Chemistry. His research focuses on developing and applying computational methods for studying noncovalent interactions between proteins and small organic molecules. These types of interactions are essential for biological functions such as signal transduction and to the mechanism of most pharmaceuticals. His group is developing new algorithms to predict the strength of these interactions based on implicit ligand theory, a new theoretical framework for making these predictions that he published in 2012.

Minh’s research is funded by the National Institutes of Health. His group actively collaborates with several groups at IIT and at other U.S. institutions. Minh received his Ph.D. in physical chemistry from the University of California, San Diego, and his B.A. in chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley.