James HymanQuantifying Uncertainty in Predicting the Spread of Epidemics2021/01/2612:45 pmTBD
Quanquan GuEpidemic Model Guided Machine Learning for COVID-19 Forecast2020/11/1712:45 pmVirtual on Blackboard Collaborate
Nir LondonCovid-Moonshot: Crowdsourcing for a COVID-19 cure2020/11/103:35 pmVirtual on Blackboard Collaborate
Luca RomeoDesign and development of machine learning approaches for early-stage prediction of complications and risk stratification of COVID-19 patients in Intensive Care Units (ICUs)2020/10/2712:45 pmVirtual on Blackboard Collaborate
Giulia PalermoAiding SARS-CoV-2 detection through emerging CRISPR-Cas genome editing technologies2020/10/203:35 pmVirtual on Blackboard Collaborate
Guowei WeiAI and Math for the Development of COVID-19 Diagnostics, Vaccines, and Drugs2020/10/1312:45 pmVirtual on Blackboard Collaborate
Daniel JacobsonUncovering the Bradykinin Storm as the mechanism of COVID-19 symptoms using Supercomputing, Explainable-AI and Systems Biology2020/09/2212:45 pmVirtual on Blackboard Collaborate
Benoit RouxTBDTBD
Michael MascagniThe “White Rat” of Numerical ReproducibilityTBD
George C. SchatzUnderstanding Self-Assembly of Functional NanostructuresTBD
Stephen J. KlippensteinAb Initio Kinetics as a Tool for Mapping Chemically Reactive Gas Phase Environments2020/02/261:50 pmRE 122
Joseph Orgel Structural, Experimental and Computational Approaches to the Study of Contemporary and Ancient Tissues Give Modern Insights in Diagnosis and Repair2019/11/1412:45 pmPS 111
Jinqiao DuanData Science Plus Dynamical Systems: What Can We Learn?2019/11/1312:45 pmSB 104
Gal MishneMultiway Tensor Analysis with Neuroscience Applications2019/10/2412:45 pmRE 104
Guang Lin
Uncertainty Quantification and Data-driven Discovery for High-dimensional Complex Systems with Multimodal Distribution2019/02/012:30 pmRE 103
N SukumarVirtual Element Method in Computational Mechanics2018/12/1012:45 pmRE Auditorium
Jay SchieberModeling Dynamics In Soft Matter2018/11/0712:45 pmRE 102RSVP
Boris GlavicIIT DBGroup Research Profile2018/11/0712:45 pmRE 102RSVP
Jeffrey Larson Numerical Optimization of Computationally Expensive Functions at Argonne National Laboratory2018/10/2912:45 pmRE 106RSVP
Anita NikolichA Look Inside the Federal Funding Machine2018/10/2512:15 pmPS 240RSVP
Lulu KangStatistical Design and Modeling for Physical and Computer Experiments2018/10/2312:45 pmRE 103RSVP
Rainer DronzekAn Introduction to Simulation Modeling2018/10/102:00 pmMTCC Auditorium
Andrey RogachevApplied Quantum Chemistry2018/09/1812:45 pm
Aron CulottaAnalyzing Online Social Networks for Interdisciplinary Science2018/09/1812:45 pm