5 thoughts on “Your Input Needed: Life Sciences Renovation Plans

  1. Looks great; however, the devil is in the details. I’m interested in knowing more about how the non-department office space will be allocated (which faculty will be assigned office space on the first floor?). Also, many faculty (including myself) and the CSRRI office will have to be moved prior to the proposed start of construction, June 2014. Is the proposed start of construction realistic?

  2. Hi – will the renovation be compliant with both ADA and OSHA requirements (as well as CFD requirements)? Many labs (and other spaces) have been grandfathered and present challenges to the disabled. I hope that this is taken into account, since this would be a great opportunity to upgrade both safety and accessibiliy.

  3. I am underwhelmed by this. How do you activate a space? Put a few giant TV screens and some tables? A pin-up board or two? Carpet and some things dangling from the ceiling? Meh. Blah.

    It’s like “let’s make this as generic as possible” I suppose it’s an improvement of the current space in term of comfort. But how often does one get to renovate? I feel like the designers over at starbucks do more innovating things than this, and Pettigrew’s furniture class makes better stuff to sit on. At least we’re spared from a primary color paint scheme. Barely.

  4. I hope this gets upgraded to look similar to the interiors at MTCC and the Tech Park/Idea Shop.
    Need a reception desk at the entrance of the building – its easy to have little questions answered by someone at the desk

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